Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ada apa dengan .: dunia yang hanya persinggahan :.

.: Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :.

Dunia yang hanya persinggahan

SOME people always quote these words..and I am one of them, especially "inevitably =)" during the weekly Usrah sessions with adik2, because to me, these words really MAKES a different [really SignificanT]in how we react to situations, how we perceive things and how we actually live this L.I.F.E

If any human realised that life in this world is only a cycle of human history, babies were born, then they grew up became children, then became teenagers, then adults and die when it is the time [the Normal human cycle]..So now, what happens?Is that just it..

NO, Muslims believe that there is an afterlife [Yaumul Akhirah] where it is the Eternal Life of humans, whereas the Good ones go to Heaven, and the Bad ones go to Hellfire..Now this is when you will ask back, so what is the purpose of Human Being on Earth?Simple: to test who are the Good ones & who are the Bad ones? =)

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