Wednesday, February 10, 2010

<< Life as a Lecturer >>

A scene in one of the episodes of Miss S =);
Student A: datang depan bawa paper (with questions)separa berbisik "Miss2, kalau buat camni jawapan dia apa? ..."
Student B: dari juah "Miss2, kenapa soalan tu macam ni?kenapa mesti jawapan dia macam tu? ..."
Student C: termenung "segannya nak tanya Miss..hurm, tapi tak faham la, takpela.."
Student D: ZzzzZ

Normal scenario everyday..I used to be 'one' though..Anyway, I believe that everyone is different in a unique way. I do appreciate all my studentsm [their unique behavior+actions+silence], hoping that they will be successful in the future [implicitly, hope that everyone goes to Heaven..hurm]

time for class, 4-6 p.m =)

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